Mapa interactivo de las artes escénicas y de la música en España
Federación Estatal de Asociaciones de Empresas de Teatro y Danza
Ubicarte Interactive Map

UBICARTE. Interactive map of the performing arts and music in Spain

UBICARTE is a project developed by FAETEDA, in which you can find geolocated companies, producers and shows, as well as venues, distributors, fairs, festivals and associations from the performing arts and music sector in Spain. The purpose of this project is to gather in one place data from organizations from all the autonomous communities, allowing all professionals in the sector to have a single space with information on the Spanish scene.

FAETEDA has always aimed to offer tools that are useful for the performing arts and music sector. For this reason, so that UBICARTE is even more useful for professionals in the sector, the interactive map allows a more detailed search, being able to filter the entities by category, discipline and autonomous community.

UBICARTE is possible thanks to the 2019 Grants for Cultural Action and Promotion of the General Directorate of Cultural Industries and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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What can you find in UBICARTE?

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