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FAETEDA has developed the Statistical map on the weekly evolution of the performing arts and music in Spain: CHIVATOS, a computer tool derived from the ESPIETES program, which ADETCA created more than twenty years ago with a great vision of the future.

The tool works collaboratively. The associated venues and production companies send weekly the information on their shows (artistic file, influx and economic data). FAETEDA collects and compiles this data, enters it into the platform and orders it for statistical study. Once stored, users have full access to them through the queries they make and through the summaries that the tool generates.

A performing arts activity database is essential to analyse, evaluate and decide on the political strategies and actions that public and private initiative apply in our sector, and to detect niches problematic at an artistic, business and territorial level. Chivatos is also a tool to promote transparency and has a highly educational component to explain to society the return generated by the performing and musical arts in Spain. In fact, it has been recognized as one of the ten best practices of transparency and good governance of 2017 in Spain and America Latina, for representing the values ​​of integrity and social commitment, a recognition granted by Telefónica and Compromiso Empresarial magazine.

The sample of venues and associated production companies covers the entire national territory, and includes both public and privately owned theatres. In this way, the representativeness of the reports offered by the platform has not stopped growing. FAETEDA hopes that this project can contribute to the development of the sector and, ultimately, that it can benefit society as a whole.

Do you want to join Chivatos?

  • You just have to fill in the adherence agreement of the program and send us weekly information about your exhibitions.
  • You can do it through our template or send us your locker sheets.
  • There is no problem if you do not have all the information, FAETEDA will take care of searching for the remaining data.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us through or (+34 ) 91 819 26 60 (ext. 2).

Chivatos is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the INAEM and the SGAE.

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