Pearle* (European Federation of Employers of the Live Arts) represents more than 10,000 European cultural organisations, through its members. Pearle* is committed to supporting and training European employers’ associations, in order to create a sustainable environment for the live arts sector in Europe. FAETEDA joined Pearle* in 1997 and currently holds its Vice Presidency.

In 1998, the European Commission recognized Pearle* as the interlocutor, at community level, of the employers’ associations in the sector. Pearle* participates in the Social Dialogue meetings of the European Union together with EAEA (the European Alliance for Arts and Entertainment) who represents, at a community level, the union of workers. In these meetings, different topics are discussed, such as social dialogue, health and safety measures, labor mobility, training, the economic situation of the sector or diversity and gender equality.

Finally, Pearle* is part of ENN (European Network of Employers) and is registered with ILO (International Labor Office), which gives Pearle* observer status at the International Labor Conference.

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