MERCARTES is a performing arts market that celebrated its ninth edition in November 2021. More than 1,000 professionals and 139 exhibitors participated in it. The tenth edition of MERCARTES will be held in 2023.

MERCARTES is a key factor in strengthening and reinforcing professional links, and an agent of change in the transformation process that is taking place in the performing arts and music sector. MERCARTES is a project that is alive, close to the professional reality in which we live, sensitive to the demands of the sector and receptive to its proposals, ideas and projects. At MERCARTES, the aim is to combine public, private and mixed initiatives, depending on the objectives of each project, and to achieve a sustainable balance between the criteria of economic profitability (business) and social and cultural efficiency (public service), which the stage and music culture needs to achieve sustainability.

MERCARTES seeks to promote meetings and relations between professionals in the sector, to highlight the value of all the public and private agents that are involved, and to generate market opportunities. The facilitators promote circulation, visibility and encounters between professionals. The godfathers and godmothers (professionals with a long background and solid experience) advise and guide professionals who have recently entered the sector. Extrella Mercartes offers a personalized consulting service to exhibitors. And, finally, the digital platform enables professionals to arrange business meetings with each other to exchange and share projects.

MERCARTES is organized by FAETEDA and The Spanish Theater Network. It is also possible thanks to a broad institutional collaboration of public and private entities: INAEM, the Government of Castile and Leon, the City Hall of Valladolid, Spanish Cultural Action, FECED, COFAE, ADGAE, FEAGC and Valladolid Fair.

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